Communications run smooth for Cornwall’s largest single unified exploration in history

Project Description

As Cornwall is increasingly becoming a centre for renewable energy in the UK, Cornish Lithium has made a special agreement with Lord Falmouth, Cornwall’s largest landowner, to digitise his collection of mining maps to further expand knowledge of the area& find new sources of the increasingly important metal. Aztek, IT Support provided Voip Unlimited SIP Trunks to Cornish Lithium’s new office to begin the largest single unified exploration in Cornwall’s history.

About Cornish Lithium

Cornish Lithium is an organisation established to create a new source of lithium for a production industry in Cornwall, a mineral rich region in the South West of the UK. With the UK government highlighting lithium as a metal of importance to the UK and numerous historical records demonstrating the presence of lithium in underground hot springs in Cornwall, the experienced management team from Cornish Lithium believed the time was right to exploit their commercial potential.

The Challenge

A Voip Unlimited Channel Partner and Managed IT Telephony Service Provider Aztek Business are known as a trusted, reliable provider to organisations requiring business comms. Aztek came to Voip Unlimited when their end client Cornish Lithium needed to set up a small office to begin the largest single unified exploration programme in Cornwall’s history.

Cornwall relies largely on tourism income to deliver social, economical and environmental benefits as it has no large industrial history. Therefore, the opportunity to create a new and long-lasting industry in this region of the UK is one that is expected to receive significant attention.

With an expanding team, based on site in Cornwall, Cornish Lithium urgently needed communications to coordinate the project across the two study areas. They approached Aztek Business to help them achieve secure, business grade voice communications so they could hit the ground running.

“The service we received from Voip Unlimited is second to none. We have a great relationship with VU and received excellent support from Aztek as our managed services provider. Making milestones in history is something we are delighted to achieve and the prominence of the business communications required to help us to do this should not be underestimated.”

– IT Manager of Cornish Lithium

The Solution

Aztek identified that the Voip Unlimited SIP Trunk solution would suit the company best. Since Cornish Lithium needed to make long distance and international calls, VU could provide Cornish Lithium with staggering cost saving potential. As there is also no requirement for any initial investment, cost savings started from the first monthly bill.

Moreover, the benefits were far more than just financial. The VU solution also supports Cornish Lithium’s potential for fast growth across multiple geographic locations by combining voice and data into a single network and ease of scalability for new sites or remote workers.

The Result

The solution was delivered on the same day of ordering and since implementation, no support has been needed.

Cornish Lithium use roughly 1000 minutes per month and without the phones provided to them , they would not be able to run or coordinate projects with staff located around the world. The SIP solution also enabled the organisation to communicate seamlessly with colleagues around the UK and Europe, whilst keeping their cost of telephone operations within budget.

Along with the services now allowing Cornish Lithium to operate effectively, rights have been secured to explore and commercially develop lithium and the geothermal energy, contained in the Cornish hot springs.

“We have been a channel partner of Voip Unlimited for many years and they are our preferred suppliers for telephony services from the affordability, quality and unique requirements point of view. They understand the remits no matter how unique and make the technology work for our wide range of clients.”

-Anthony Hudson, Managing Director of Aztek