SIP Trunks

Business SIP

SIP stands for “Session Initiation Protocol”. This is basically an application layer protocol for establishing, modifying and terminating VoIP sessions over network. Our SIP Trunking service gives you access to the PSTN and connects your company’s telephony to our Nationwide network.

SIP is also a reliable protocol that can run over TCP or UDP, along with offering you a welcome alternative to expensive and outdated ISDN.

Think SIP, think Aztek Comms.

Ideal for


Businesses looking for cheaper alternatives to ISDN


Organisations requiring flexible call routing


Multiple site businesses migrating to IP

International numbers with Aztek Comms

The main reason customers take International numbers is to have telephone presence in the country with an active market for wider business footprint, without having to resort to an International provider to get the number.


Expanded footprint into new and wider markets for a planned low monthly price.


Reassurance to customers in various countries looking for local support without needing to establish regional offices.

All operations will still be under one provider and one collaborative phone system, meaning one contact for billing, support & provisioning.

Simplicity through single phone system provider, routing any inbound call to any extension & no extra staff training.

Local is focal when prospects look for new services, a local inbound number or outbound caller ID makes clients feel as though they’re speaking to someone close.

Use international numbers across all our voice solutions including Cloud platform Voip Exchange & be available anywhere across desk phones, Web phones and mobiles to reinforce your professional image & accessibility.

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International numbers FAQ’s:

Contact us to order and activate your international numbers.

Following order placement your international numbers will go live within a market leading 48 hours!

Yes, with international numbers available from Voip Unlimited in more than 60 countries and 9000+ area codes, you can take your pick. Voip Unlimited can offer you as many as you would like on your account, and our International SIP product comes with 2 channels as standard.

Yes, it’s as easy as picking the country and city you want the number in. If you have an account just give us a call and we can add, or if you are new to us simply call us to discuss.

Yes, porting of existing numbers is supported for selected countries. Contact the team so we can walk you through it.

Yes we give you the chance to hit the ground running in your expanded regions with memorable numbers with our Number Selection option, simply contact us today

International numbers are reachable from the local countries PSTN. Voip Unlimited forwards the calls to its customer’s registered SIP account – simples!

*International rates apply. Emergency calling is not supported for International Numbers in their respective countries. Some countries ask for proof of presence within their geographic location. All calls routed out of Aztek Comms’ UK network.