Leased Lines

What you need to know

Often considered the pinnacle of connectivity solutions, leased lines offer fast upload and download speeds on an exclusive connection, enabling businesses to function at the speed that they want to. What’s more, a leased line isn’t synonymous with an Internet connection - it can be used to carry a number of different types of data traffic including phone calls and internal network traffic.

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Why choose a Leased Line from Aztek Comms?


We’ve got clout with the carriers

We have very close working relationships with all of the major UK Ethernet carriers (and especially with our CityFibre colleagues) so we can help you to deliver your customer’s solution quickly, efficiently and competitively.


We're in all the right places

Having our own network means that we’ve been able to put our PoPs at strategic points across the UK so that we can be physically closer to where you need us to be, reducing the cost for implementation. And, with direct access to CityFibre’s revolutionary full-fibre network in over 50 cities across the UK, we’re able to provide unique coverage.


Exceptional value for money with CityFibre

With our CityFibre-based leased line solutions we’re able to offer unbeatable Ethernet pricing, as much as 30% cheaper than alternative carriers and with higher levels of influence and visibility across the full provision of the service.


Quoting and ordering’s a doddle

With access to real-time pricing from all of the major carriers, we make quoting and ordering circuits for your customers a straightforward and painless exercise. Your account manager is also on hand to understand your customer's aims and help you choose the right solution for their needs.


An added layer of security

We monitor our network 24/7 and also provide a 100% SLA for all our leased lines for that extra peace of mind.


Support all the way

We’ll give you a dedicated point of contact who will manage your leased line implementation all the way through from order to activation, so you’ll only have one person to speak to who will know your order inside out and upside down.